Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Fantastic Fibroid"

This past week was a very stressful one for me. Sunday evening I went to bed late and tossed and turned throughout the night knowing I had to have Matty at school by 6:30am. The entire 6th grade class was leaving for the week-long outdoor education camp at Foothills Horizons in Sonora, California. Also on my mind was a doctors appointment on Friday morning, this added stress as I hate going to the doctor and dentist too. I couldn't sleep and got up before my alarm and showered, which is when I found the lump in my left breast. Now, I was afraid and terrified to go to the doctors as I was thinking the worst case senario....breast cancer. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 17 years ago and it came back a few years ago. Looking at my Mom you would never know she is LIVING with cancer. My Mom doesn't let it keep her from living life to the fullest. She is truly a remarkable woman. Mom, I love you very much! The picture above is one of my favorites from this past summer!

Well, I was already bummed and missing Matty before I dropped him off that morning and the lump added to my emotions. Matty is my little buddy who loves to cuddle with me. Cuddling with him would have helped relive a bit of my stress during the week. I was wondering how I was going to get through the week without him. I knew that I didn't want to tell Greg as he needs to be focused at work and I did not want him to worry about me. I did not want to stress my Mom out and so I kept it to myself all day. Big mistake!

Tuesday Morning my friend Kathy called and I shared it with her. She assured me I things were going to be ok and she would pray for me. Thank heavens...I needed all the prayers I could get. Kathy is an awesome friend and knows how to make me laugh when dealing with an emotional situation. In the past when I've had hard times in dealing with my Mom's illness she is there to cheer me up with a certain few silly words. I can't share these words with you as they are just for times when I'm emotional and ready to cry, which thankfully...I'm not! Kathy, thanks for being such a wonderful friend.

That afternoon my stampin' buddy, Karen emailed me. I emailed her back and told her my situation and asked her to pray for me. She emailed me back the most beautiful prayer which brought me to tears. Karen, thanks so much for all your prayers and for your special friendship.

I also received emails from three more of my dearest friends who now live far far away...well I guess Roseville, California is not that far, but Utah and Washington sure are. My three buddies Deanne, Karen and Noel also added me to their prayer lists. What an awesome feeling to know that all these friends were praying for me.

Thursday evening I was feeling anxious and I needed to call one more friend who is another one of my faithful prayer warriors...Teara. I had planned to call her at 6:30 that evening as I knew she would be home from work. Well at 6:20 she called and said God was telling her to call me. Wow! I told her that I was just getting ready to call her and was so thankful she called.

I had plans to get together with my friend Mary after my appointment. I called her and we finalized our lunch plans. Yes, another friend was praying for me!

Thursday evening I went to bed and had no problem sleeping. I stayed in bed until I needed to get up to shower and felt very much at peace. After showering, Greg asked if he could make me something to eat, I couldn't turn down a BLT sandwich made with love from my hubby at 10:30am. As I sat at the kitchen table, I told Greg that I was going to the doctors. He asked why and I told him about the lump. He reassured me things were going to be ok. He told me of a conversation he had with my Mom in Fall River last week. A program they watched had discussed the increased risk & diagnosis of women who took hormones. They were both excited to hear this information as this would lessen my risk. Greg then offered to bring me but I declined his offer as I felt I needed to do this by myself. Greg brings me great comfort and has held my hand during many doctors appointments and hospital stays. I kissed Greg goodbye, said "I love you" as we always do and I was on my way.

I arrived early and found parking right away which is a miracle in itself (those of you who have Kaiser know that) and then sat listened to KLOVE. I knew it was time to start heading in and told myself I could listen to one last absolute favorite song by Point of Grace -How You Live/Turn Up the Music came on. From that moment I knew that I was not alone and things were going to be ok regardless of the outcome.

My doctor did a thorough exam and put me at ease. He told me the lump was a fibroid. He advised that my comsumption of caffine, salt and sugars enlarge the fibroids. Who needs to get a surgical enhancement?...just drink more Starbucks! It was a FANTASTIC Fibroid Friday! Thank you all so much for your prayers. I'm so truly blessed to have you all as my friends!

The power of prayer! If you ever need prayer(s), please email me! I would be honored to pray for you and add you to the list of my faithful prayer warrior friends.