Monday, October 15, 2007

True Friends

I absolutely love this time of year! As a child I didn't see the beauty in this season. Now, as an adult, I love everything about fall. I love to watch the foliage as it changes into the colors known to stampers as Earth Elements. I'm loving the cooler weather, the sight of leaves blowing in the wind, listening to rain coming down onto the roof and the chance to wear my warm sweaters, handmade scarfs given to me from my mom & my dear friends, and my snuzzly boots.

Last night I returned home after spending three days in Fall River Mills. Matty and his three friends: Jose, Haben, and Tanner along with our dog, Milo, left on Thursday afternoon and arrived a bit before midnight. My parents and Greg were already there to welcome us. Greg arrived last week and my parents have been there for quite some time. I understand why they aren't coming back to Santa Rosa until they have to. When I went to bed that night, I had no idea what a treat I was instore for when I woke up.

The next morning, Mom and I walked down to the river. We enjoyed the peaceful views both up and down the river. We then turned to walk up the hill and the mountains were screaming "fall is here!" Oh my goodness...Fall River Mills is absolutely breathtaking this time of year. I've never experienced a fall like this. Mom wanted me to experience this but my schedule had not allowed me until this year. This past summer we experienced that same mountain full of color, not from the foliage changing colors, but from a wildfire. Many acreas on the mountain were charred, thankfully there was still much beauty to enjoy. I'm so thankful that the fire did not destroy my parent's home or the surrounding homes and I could be there to enjoy the beauty.

Sunday, I got up early to help Greg on our property. Our property is two miles down the road from my parents home. When I drove up, I was excited to see the fire did not impair our side of the mountain. It's bursting with color and is picture perfect. I can't wait to sit on my front porch and take in all the views next year. Greg has been really busy preparing our property. He had 16 truck and trailer loads of dirt delivered. He built a berm around the 1 1/3 acreas were are using. With the help of my Dad, they planted 48 trees. I'm really excited to see these trees next year in the fall, especially my Weeping Willow.

Yesterday, I thought I had experienced it all and headed for home. I was sad to leave my parents and Greg, but the boys couldn't miss another day of school. As the boys and I headed down the mountain, I looked into the canyon below. I truly have never seen such a beautiful sight in all my life. The canyon was full of vibrant colors and the Pitt River running through it made it even more gorgeous. The boys were so stunned by the beauty, they wanted to stop and take a photo. Absolutely Priceless Moment! The photo does not do it justice, but you can see the colors.

I've talked for years about wanting to take a trip back east during the fall to experience the colors, I no longer feel the need to go as I just experienced such awesome beauty in Fall River Mills. I look forward to seeing Fall River Mills again really soon. I will definitely take the time to photograph the canyon and the surrounding areas.

Whew...I planned to do a quick blurb about my trip and how I love this season and then lead into my fall class. With that, I'm excited to teach my next class which definitely screams "FALL". Plan to join me for some hot apple cider and create some fresh and fun fall inspired cards.

Happy Stampin' and Blessings to you!
Kimberly Myers